Vanity 6

The “nasty girls” of Vanity 6 love their vibrators so much, they wrote a song about it. What else would you expect from a girl group assembled by Prince? 

The song “Vibrator” (mp3) was never formally released, but thanks to internet magic has been leaked extensively to Vanity 6 fans all over the world. “Vibrator” is about a girl who is unsatisfied by her lover, so turns to her vibrator. Half-way through the song, the vibrator batteries die and she has to hit the streets to get more. At the end, she finally achieves an electro-pop orgasm. The song can be broken down into 3 musical movements: the verse and chorus singing portions; a spoken comedic sketch featuring Prince himself, and finally; the achievement of an orgasm with a vibrator.¬†

Our recommendation for the battery-blighted ladies of Vanity 6? A rechargeable¬†Jopen Vanity rabbit. It’s sexy and stylish, and since it’s rechargeable they’ll never have to run out to the store for batteries.